Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Sponsored Campaigns using Google Adwords

Example of sponsored ad campaignWhen you do a search on Google, the ads on the right side plus the yellow toned ads at the top are sponsored ads.

Running a sponsored campaign is an excellent way to drive in new customers. You budget a certain amount monthly, then set a bid amount on search terms so that your ad shows up when someone searches for “asbestos lab work” or whatever we find as your best search terms. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad and that can be as little as 5 cents a click (however, this varies by region and industry). The campaign is checked daily and adjusted using new approaches to establish by trial and error what ads pull best. Note: an ad that doesn’t pull doesn’t cost anything either.

Meanwhile you should be getting new customers!

But here’s the real point: sponsored ads compete in their own category on the right side of the results page. In the organic listing, for “asbestos lab work” there are 269,00 results you must compete with. In the sponsored list, there are only five. So the question is which would you rather compete with? Five or 269,000? Of course, it’s is easier to compete against five.

That is why sponsored ads are some of the best advertising money you can spend. The ads do not just lead to your website. They go to a special page called a “landing page” specially built to utilize the same search terms as were used in the ad. You will need as many landing pages as you have different ads since each different search term must be consistent across your Google ad and it's landing page. The correct term is relevant.

If each paired ad and landing page is matched carefully, Google will consider your payment campaign to be relevant. If the landing page does not seem relevant to the subject of the search term, Google may shut off the ad after a few days. With Google, it’s relevance, relevance, relevance.



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500,000 words published
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