Book Design & Typesetting

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I design book covers and do beautiful interior typesetting. 

Of course one can't design a powerful book cover without reading the book and becoming completely familiar with it. That is part of doing one's homework. 

Based on true events, The Stalin Experiments was a gritty tale of intrigue involving a number of intelligence agencies all pursuing the same man. It's a nail biter. My cover design played on the title's innate power to conjure nightmarish imagery. In this case, we are inside an abandoned building — which could easily be in Russia — peering forward at an open door. What's on the other side? What are we doing there? Who is behind us? The cover it designed to make you want to find out. 

The blood-colored bands are a subliminal suggestion that blood is spilled in the story.

The image suggests the kind of forgotten institution where experiments "never happened" and where bodies could easily be hidden, not to be discovered for decades, if ever.  

Masters of War was an epic tale of a Jewish assassin operating behind the lines during World War II. There, he stumbles upon one of the greatest secrets of the era. His weapon of choice was the Mauser K98, of which the photo presents the exact model. I found it in a local upscale armory that buys and sells collectible weapons. I got the shot I needed—actually photographed inside the gun shop. They got a case of beer. The background greenery is from my backyard. The smoke, Photoshop.

The title is symbolic of the unreal chaos and destruction war. I wanted them to appear burned into the page, or stamped into the page like the tread of a tank.

I used the star of David overlaying a burning Swastika because it symbolized the central theme of the book. I selected red because it added a nice spot color to the otherwise monochromatic color scheme of the cover. Red and green are complimentary colors of course. 

I also wrote the copy on the back cover. (It's a great story by the way, quite well-written. I recommend you read it, and like The Stalin Experiment, it is based on real, but little-known events that shaped WWII and its aftermath). 



Following is a series of four books that I designed, typeset the interiors and helped write. The book series is positioned with adventure and exploration. Each book in the series utilizes a blue band, symbolic of truth. They titles are done using an old "Dymo Tape" font, as a secret file might be labeled...



The typesetting included more than 850 pages and a host of diagrams, charts and graphs.


The first book in the series has dental instruments on the cover which are dentist's tools of exploration, enabling them to see inside and probe the unknown. The script in the background plays up the mysterious theme and is evocative of secret writing. Similarly is the model's face urging you to keep quiet...



The second book in the series covers the secrets of financial planning in dental practices. Instead of the instruments and woman shushing us, we have an old adding machine, the combination lock of a safe, and symbols connected to financial change such as the Ace and dice.



Third in the series is the Dental Scheduling Manual with a motif of time symbolized by clock faces. 




Last in the series is the dental sales manual which uses various forms of paper and hard currency.



You can learn more about these books at http://dentistrymanagement.com

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