Steve Hall's marketing efforts have generated more than $411 MILLION in sales for his clients and organizations.


Designer and Illustrator

"Witty and creative, catchy and to the point, Steve's writing always, almost magically, hits the right target." K.K.


Editor and Designer

"If you want high-quality work done in a timely fashion, Steve is one of the best in the business." A.G.


Copywriter and Author

"Creative people should look forward to the day when they publish the code of Steve's genome." D.K.


SUBTLE clues you might have found the right CREATIVE...


total profits earned

$411,000,000 in sales generated by Steve Hall for clients

43,000,000 total hits on websites designed by Steve Hall Creative

43,000,000 visitors to Steve Hall's websites



11,000 visual merchandizing displays

500,000 words published as a copywriter

500,000 words published
as a copywriter

500 plus keywords on page one of Google by Steve Hall
SEO keywords on
Page One of Google


250 print ads in newspapers,
magazines & online


153 total brochures and catalogs by Steve Hall

153 brochures and catalogs



128 films and videos scripted

102 websites built by Steve Hall

102 websites


77 TV spots

62 logo designs by Steve Hall

62 gorgeous logos


33 packaging designs

9 book covers designed by Steve Hall

9 book covers


Plus billboards, business cards, company names, direct mail campaigns, exibitions, outdoor signs, marketing campaigns, Pay Per Click, photography, showroom designs, typesetting and...


1 place where all this experience comes together:
Your project.

Steve Hall: Multi-disciplined creative

  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Logos
  • Words
  • Ads
  • Photos

43 million visitors (including you)

That’s how many people have visited my websites. They are popular because they are good. My secret? Marketing—something most computer techs know zip about.

Your website works tirelessly for you. Day and night. 7 days a week. Worldwide. So it better be good. The single best marketing investment you'll ever make. And compared to other forms of advertising, a website is cheap.

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500+ keywords on page one

A good website is the only way you have to persuade Google to send you new patients. Fulfill their “secret” criteria by which they rank businesses and they will send you new patients. FREE. FOREVER. It’s like winning the business lottery.

After being in the business of SEO since 2002 I finally ascertained the secret of Google’s all-seeing criteria in 2008. My unique approach to SEO works.

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62 Gorgeous Logos

Need a logo? You've come to the right person. Company name and logo are the twin monuments of corporate identity.

If good, your logo will work for you continuously to win over new customers, inspire a sense of pride amongst staff, and generate a receptive atmosphere in the community so your business can grow.

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Photo of Steve Hall at work with dog looking on.

500,000 words published

In advertising, we write like we talk. It's conversational. To the point. So it sounds like a friend just talking to you. That's copywriting.

It may look easy. But with 500,000 words published for hundreds of products and corporations, including 150 brochures and catalogs, scores of posters, 77 TV spots and 102 websites, I've had a little bit of practice. Okay, a lot of practice.

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250 Ads in Print and Online

Print ads are the distinguishing skill of a creative since the message must be delivered instantaneously. I never settle for a merely good print ad. It has to be spectacular. And the truth is, it always can be spectacular. It only depends on how hard and long the copywriter is willing to work at it and push beyond the ordinary.

And the truth is, it always can be. If the copywriter is willing to push beyond the ordinary.

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1,000's of Photos

Every website, brochure, and catalog must have photographs—good ones. I can shoot anything needed and normally do, since I know better than anyone exactly what is needed.

Whether action shots of staff doing their jobs, product shots, exterior shots, time lapse, or video. I can get the shot.

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